Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater!

Let me tell you guys a little something about cheats. Cheat meals, cheat days, cheat weeks, vacationing from dieting. Here’s the deal: if you need to cheat on your healthy lifestyle, then you haven’t made a healthy lifestyle. You’re thinking, “Hold on! What about that time when Melody said she wanted cake in her belly!?”


Guys, I love cake, and I’m not about to pretend that I don’t eat sweets. A healthy lifestyle is a lifestyle in which everything is moderated. Instead of eating the a slice of cake, two scoops of ice cream, and following up with a giant soda, I have a small slice of cake and a serving of ice cream. Instead of eating a whole cookie, I split it with my love. I grew up in a house where there was dessert or something sweet at EVERY meal. Unless I taste something sweet at the end of the day, I don’t have a clue that I’m done and I can go on munching for FOREVER.


My trick is usually to have a fun sized candy bar handy for after dinner. Sometimes, I simply save calories because I know that if I don’t get a little sugar fix, I’m going to be at the bottom of a giant Sonic milkshake in three days’ time.

This lifestyle isn’t about being good ALL THE TIME. It’s really just about knowing your weaknesses and how to handle them. I never want to end up back where I was at 253 lbs and in size 22 jeans. I do that by giving myself little treats.

By calling a sweet a “cheat,” you are giving that sweet a power over you. You are allowing that sweet to own you and become something coveted that you save for a special occasion or a day when you burn more than usual while exercising. Take the power away from the foods you just can’t stay away from and turn them into tools for your success!


Cheers! =]


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