Magic Pills and Fairy Tale Endings

Often, I open my facebook, MyFitnessPal, or gmail account and am greeted with messages from aspiring healthy people asking, “How did you do it?” My goodness, that’s a loaded question. What this person wants to hear is that you went on the all chocolate diet for 3 months and magically dropped 75 lbs or that you started drinking some fantasy protein shake that made you into a super model in just 30 days. Remember how Regina George from Mean Girls gained all the weight eating caltine bars thinking she was on some special diet of calorie-zapping micronutrients? Okay, let’s get real. 



                           “Is butter a carb?”


Supplements, pills, diet fads, and programs can only get a person who aspires to be healthy so far. You can buy all those meal programs, shakes, pills, and powders, but the reality of the situation is that even if you lose 200 lbs with a pill and look a million times better than I do, you won’t have learned the healthy habits that you need to STAY that way. Easy fixes are not sustainable. I can’t count on my fingers and toes the number of times that I told a person I simply started logging my food, walking, and making healthier choices to meet my calorie intake walks away disappointed with no sense of direction for their weight loss journey. 


I’m sorry, but there is no getting around the fact that I got this way by working hard, learning about nutrition, and sticking it out with motivation and determination. There is no way around the fact that if you take a pill to make you stop wanting to eat for a month, you will most definitely lose weight and put it right back on in no time… and then some! The goal is to make a long-term, sustainable lifestyle for yourself. I don’t have any secrets. I might have some tips for you, but there are definitely no secrets. In fact, nothing I’m writing at this moment in time is any less available to you on any vast and expansive corner of the internet. Do your research! 

The most effective methods of losing weight, feeling better, and becoming more healthy are simply: 

1.) Drink water.

2.) Get sleep.

3.) Get active.

4.) Take it one bite at a time.

5.) Stay motivated.

6.) Find support or an accountabilibuddy.

7.) Love yourself.

If you expect someone else to do it for you, then you’ll never get it done. 



Work hard, play harder, and love yourself! 


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