Nail biting, finger tapping, chocolate eating…

I’ve been pretty stressed the last few days because my financial aid hasn’t yet been processed through the college where I’m taking a few classes sort of for fun and sort of to keep my brain functioning in an academic way while I wait to get my masters and PhD (that stuff is expensive, you know?). Anyway, I nearly missed the deadline, and I’ve really been sweating getting everything figured out in time for classes to start. Well, today is the first day of classes, and I’m kind of going nuts. I’m missing funding for two books and some very expensive materials for a black and white film photography class. 

I’m a pretty emotional eater, and this is usually the point where I order a double cheeseburger with bacon, barbecue sauce, and haystack onions. Yum! Within hours, I’m probably staring at fast food wrappers and the bottom of a very large gallon of ice cream, right?


Wrong. Part of this healthy lifestyle thing is learning to make that lifestyle a fundamental part of who you are as a person. Instead of reacting to stress in an unhealthy way by binge eating or getting chocolate wasted, I am learning to immediately respond by getting up off my butt and releasing stress-fighting endorphins.  




I don’t usually respond in that way. Something tells me that I am actually beginning (yeah, after 3 years of health and fitness boot camp) to understand that this is my life now. I will always, ALWAYS struggle with weight, eating right, and exercising regularly. I will always have to fight those demons. I will always have emotional problems and environmental stress. The correct response is to combat that anxiety with natural medicine. From now on, I am making myself a promise to do some kind of physical activity for a few minutes every time I get so stressed that I feel like binge eating due to stress or emotional turmoil. It can be anything: jump rope, hula hooping, walking, jogging in place, squats… 

During the past few years, I’ve found ways to trick my brain into thinking I’ve gotten to eat a TON of food. 



But really, I usually like to grab popcorn if I want that absent-minded, zoning out in front of the computer/tv robot eating feeling. Flavor shakers are a great alternative to butter, and it’s not always bad to turn it into a kind of trail mix with nuts and dark chocolate chips. =P  I also really love Sensible Portions’ Veggie Chips because they only have 130 calories for 38 chips! Usually, with your regular joe potato chip, you’re getting about 12 chips for 160 calories, so it’s a go-to snack!

I just want to feel like I’m owning this. I am owning this. Yeah, I got this. 



4 thoughts on “Nail biting, finger tapping, chocolate eating…

  1. Accepting that this will always be a battle is a huge step. I’m glad you’re figuring it out sooner than later, because I’m only just coming to terms with it. I love that you cope with emotions by releasing endorphins with physical activity. What a great way to benefit your health in multiple ways at once! I actually picked up a knitting project that I had forgotten about since last year and it felt really relaxing to sit and knit while watching TV. So much better than feeling like I have to munch on something.

    1. Yes! It helps so much to have something to do with your hands while watching TV! I noticed that my nails became much shorter and my lips much more sore when I stopped munching in front of the TV. These absent minded habits are uncomfortable!

      1. Oh man I have the WORST habit of picking at my nails and the dry skin around them. I get terrible hangnails and my cuticles are ragged because I can’t help myself from picking. So bad.

  2. I do the same exact thing! Ugh. My nails are always down to the quick and I have bloody cuticles. It’s an awful habit! I really don’t know how to kick that habit. One replaces the other every time.

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