Be Thankful and Love Yourself

In any journey to a destination, such as a weight loss journey to an ultimate goal weight and fitness level, it is difficult to keep from looking back at mistakes when we see how far we’ve come. We should have done it faster, better, more efficiently. We could have saved time, money, or regrets. There can be a ton of negative self-talk in relation to weight loss.


I am guilty of, more than ten times a day, adjusting my clothes so I don’t look fat, sitting a certain way to cover my tummy, and wearing only long sleeves to hide extra skin and sagging flesh. My inner voice accuses me of being fat, and I see that girl in the mirror every day. I see her stretch marks, evidence of a self-loathing and self-deprecating lifestyle. I see her extra fat, about 30 lbs too much, holding on to hips, belly, arms, and thighs with desperation. I see how much farther I have to travel until I meet this goal and all the roadblocks I’ve encountered in the process, and I feel defeated.

I am inside myself, watching my brain, my own personal drill sergeant, screaming at me to go faster, harder, stop jiggling, tight core… Go, go, GO!

There is one concept that I forget to remember every day. I am worth it. I am worth more than my body fat percentage. I am worth more than my pant size. I am worth more than my caloric count. I am me. I am something precious, a human being, with unique thoughts, dreams, ambitions, goals, and emotions. My body is a work of art that the universe proudly displays. My form is artful. Every hair on my head, every fleck of color in my eyes, every pore of my skin is a testament to the miracle of life. I am worth it.



That is why I should be working so hard to meet my goals. I should be fit and healthy because my body demands it. My soul is living in this body, and I was gifted with a body that can do anything it is conditioned to do. My body is adaptable enough to transform from something that can barely move to a graceful and determined runner. I can be changed, and those changes are remarkable. I was given this body and did nothing to deserve it, but I will live up to it. 


I am thankful to have legs that work so that I can run. I am thankful to have arms that reach so I can lift. I am thankful to have a working immune system, functioning internal organs, and eyes that see all the beautiful colors in the world. There is always something for which to be thankful. 


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