Hula Hooping as an Art and Exercise

I’ve been researching fun ways to work out in my upstairs apartment that will torch calories and tone my body, especially my middle. The fact that I’ve lost 75lbs and went from a size 22 to a 12/14 is amazing, but it left with me some belly fat and loose skin that is extremely hard to deal with! Trust me, it’s no fun being in plank and looking down at your loose tummy skin. I will stop there, for your sake. 


Yeah, that’s me, mid-push up. Trust me, I picked the most flattering view! 

I’ve been looking into hula hooping with a weighted hoop. There are plenty of collapsible types of hoops that you can buy already made, and there are handmade options as well. Considering that shipping can get expensive for such a large package weighing over 2 lbs (not much more than 2 lbs is recommended for this as it can cause spine injuries), shipping gets astronomical when ordering this online. I’ve decided to make my own at home, but I haven’t gotten my materials yet. 

You start with this plastic, black tubing from the local Home Depot or Lowe’s, yet there are websites for hoop supplies that will sell it to you in the size you need for your height. I’m told that you measure your waist and multiply that number by 1.2 to get your hoop size. 



Once you have it cut to the desired length, you can insert a connector like this: 



You do this by warming the ends of the tubing by using a hair dryer or hot water, then you insert and connect the hoop while it’s still warm. Once it dries, it’s very unlikely to budge, even when hooping. Once you get it all connected, it looks something like this: 


Picture taken from a blog called “In Johnna’s Kitchen.” She has a good tutorial as well! You can view it by clicking here.

Once you get all the pieces connected, you’re ready to tape your hoop. This adds weight and creates friction so you get a faster hoop and a better workout. You can use duct tape, gaffer’s tape, or even ribbon around the hoop. You can use as many colors as you like. 



I can’t wait to get started this weekend on making my first hoop! I’ll definitely be posting a blog about my experiences with it and the methods that work the best. I’ve also heard that Hoopnotica DVDs are pretty good for learning how to use your hoops! You can make smaller hoops for your arms as well. It seems like hooping could become a passion and an art, as well as a form of fitness, for me. I’m excited to learn! 

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