Transformation Tuesday!

I’m kind of jumping on the Transformation Tuesday band wagon, but mostly because I’ve got a mega NSV (non-scale victory) today. A pair of pants I’ve been kind of sagging in but have been reluctant to get rid of are finally just too far gone. 



This is always a major victory for me. 1.) I like shopping, and this gives me an excuse to do that. 2.) It encourages me to work even harder toward my goals! I went through my facebook photos and gathered every progress photo I’ve taken since I started losing weight. Check out the very first one of me at 21 lbs down! 



I was pretty proud of that little gem! This was during the summer when I didn’t have any equipment or gym to work out in, so I was beaming at this progress. It did take me from March to June to lose 21 lbs, so you can tell I was doing little other than watching my food and walking. This is when I finally got serious about losing weight. Check me out just a few months later: 


This is from December of 2011. That pair of pants is a size 22, I believe, and I’m usually sporting an 18 around this point at 56 lbs down. The fun doesn’t stop there! 


Here I am about 65lbs down. I got REALLY confident and sported some Lelu Fifth Element hair. It was super fun but way hard to take care of. Plus, I lit up the gym all on my own. It afforded me a lot of attention. Thank goodness it’s gone! 

Then there’s me today, holding my size 17 pants way out from my body and proud to finally be shopping in the “normal” side of the store at a size 13/14. Sizes don’t mean ALL that much to me, but I know that I have an idea of how I’d like to look and what I’d like to fit into. I’m pretty convinced that I might not be able to get much smaller than a 9 because I have hips for DAYS, dude. Seriously, I wear a size medium pretty much anywhere up top, but my bottom half is just now crossing into juniors’ size territory. 

Today, I’m just proud of my progress and happy to be where I am. I forget where I’ve been and how proud I should be to have come from there. 

In other news, I’m debating going back to school to be a nutrition major.More news on that later as I research my options. 

Happy Tuesday! 

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