A Desk Job Does Not Equal an Excuse to be Lazy

Lately, I’ve been struggling to get in enough activity and steps with my desk job. We’ve been really behind on closing out classes and distributing credits to parents. (I work for an organization that trains adoptive/foster parents.) I’ve spent a copious amount of time at my desk, and it’s really been bumming me out. It affects my moods and my disposition. Today, everyone left the office early, so I am taking the last 30 minutes of my day to do a combination of the following office workouts: 




I’m usually alone by 4:30 on a daily basis, so I’m thinking about working this in every afternoon. Why not, right?! Let’s just hope that no one walks in on me doing inclined desk push ups and has to report me for misuse of company property. 


I encourage you, if you have a desk job, to get up and be active sometime throughout the day. Whether you walk during lunch, visit the gym, get up each hour and do 10 squats, or you find some alone time to exercise on your office equipment, staying active is so important for your mood, energy levels, and your general overall happiness! 

Get up and move! 


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